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Guitar Lessons at Redborne School, Amptil, Bedford

Acoustic, Bass & Electric Guitar Lessons 

Redborne Upper School


Introductory Course Info & Booking 


Guitar Lessons at Redborne are taught on Wednesdays and Fridays and guarantee a minimum of 40 school lessons per annum.  


Group lessons consist of up to 3 students and are 30 minutes in duration.


Partnered lessons are 25 minutes in duration.


Individual lessons are 20 minutes in duration.  


Specialising in contemporary music from Rock, Blues, Punk and Metal to Acoustic, Folk, Classical and Pop.


  • Guitar Teacher at Redborne Upper School in Bedfordshire with over 1000 students taught since 2000.

  • I provide a minimum of 40 school lessons and one home set up lessons per annum.

  • Home visits are to train you all on the various apps and software that make home practicing so much fun nowadays. I also ensure that the guitars and amps (if electric) are all set up.

  • Lesson times are on a timetable emailed to all parents and are on display at the school.

  • Lessons feature use of large screen Apple iMacs, full amplification for electric and bass students and innovative software/apps to compliment the physical training. 

  • Online lesson resources

  • Videos of lesson content will be filmed and sent to clients.

  • Exclusive live student concerts at pro venues with 16 strong backing crew and professional session musicians – from age 8 to 78! The Showdown Festivals at The Saxon Hall have been held since 2010.


  • Student focused live events held monthly at local live music venues - open to all ages! 

  • Clients & Beacon Music Education Ltd to have a legal contract of lesson provision to ensure complete transparency and mutual protection.

  • Loan Hire of guitars and amps now available.

  • Grade exams: these are fully accredited and carry the same academic status as the classical music grades. For more information:


Group/partnered students are streamed into suitable sets and Group lessons are 30 mins.      


New Guitar Lessons Booking Easter 2024


·     The Introductory Course is £130 and comprises 10 lessons. 


·     To book a place please transfer £130 to:


 Beacon Music Education Ltd 

 60 83 71



Please contact me on 07758 146568 or email

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